Sculpture course in Riparbello 2015

Here’s the flyer for the next sculpture course in spring 2015 at the agritourism Riparbello in Tuscany

The course will last for seven days and it’s starts saturday 2th till Sunday 10th of May.

Each participant will get a piece of the famous Carrara white marble to work by hand and is gonna be assisted  by the since long time sculptors, Heinz Mack and me.

Together with the course, for each participant half board with a single bedroom and a one day trip to a surprising destination is provided.

While at the course you will taste each day different traditional tuscan dishes.

There are still three of eight places available, so just contact us directly on the following adresses:

Heinz Mack, sculptor:

Riparbello, agritourism:

Fabian Bruske, sculptor:

Flyer bildhauerkurs1

Flyer bildhauerkurs2

Flyer bildhauerkurs3


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