Bühnenservice Berlin

Since two weeks I am working at this stage


The main task is to fulfill the wood boxes with piles of Styrofoam.

Here you can recognize a side effect after I was working the whole day with Polystyrene….

Styropro schnitzen


Sculpture course in Riparbello 2015

Here’s the flyer for the next sculpture course in spring 2015 at the agritourism Riparbello in Tuscany

The course will last for seven days and it’s starts saturday 2th till Sunday 10th of May.

Each participant will get a piece of the famous Carrara white marble to work by hand and is gonna be assisted  by the since long time sculptors, Heinz Mack and me.

Together with the course, for each participant half board with a single bedroom and a one day trip to a surprising destination is provided.

While at the course you will taste each day different traditional tuscan dishes.

There are still three of eight places available, so just contact us directly on the following adresses:

Heinz Mack, sculptor: http://www.uferkunst.de

Riparbello, agritourism: riparbello@riparbello.it

Fabian Bruske, sculptor: fbruske@hotmail.com

Flyer bildhauerkurs1

Flyer bildhauerkurs2

Flyer bildhauerkurs3

Some updates…

Here is the sketch of the week.

I do like subjects with a strong chiaro-scuro.


Donna nell'oscurità

Here are some Fotos of the Job I did this days.

I helped the artist Stürmer-Alex to restaurate some of her colourful outstanding sculptures.



In this selfie, restaurator and object both seem fable characters.

I had to wear a mask because the materia i was working with are really toxic.

Selfie mit Pfaun





Nudes are some of my favourite artistic subjects

Both the inspiring pictures were token from the web. This drawings are interpretations of the subject.

Beugende Frau

While I saw the originals I felt a sence of anxiety


Sketch and …

This drawing is made out of pencils

the subject was taken from the web

Frau am Fenster

This week my family from Italy camed to visit me for a few days.

This picture was made in front of one graffiti of the East side gallery together with my cousin, brother and sister

East side gallery

Live models molds

This Fotos shows how to make face molds out of living models.

First Step: I prepared a soft plane were the Model could lay on, in order to have her face lying. I covered the soft sheets with a tarpaulin of plastic to avoid the stikking of the plaster to the cloth.

Step 1

Step 2: The model had to spread cream all over her face in order to avoid the stikking of the plaster to her hair

step 2

Step 3: A pillow made by plastic and cloth was disposed all around the models face because  all the undercuts had to be covered

step 3

Step 4: I covered the models face with like cream dense plaster startig form the highest points and keeping care to not cover her nostrils

step 4

Step 5: After I finished to dispose a layer of 2-3 cm of plaster all over the face, I flattened the surface of the mold with a spatula. In this foto I am starting to pull off the mold of the models face by ripplyng it slowly

step 5

Step 6: The mold is pulled off from the models face and it’s almost ready for casting out of it  the kopy of the model’s face. The nostrils have to be mold on it with clay

step 6







Holzschnitzsymposium Thale 2014

Starting from the 30th of April, I participated for three days at the Holyschnitzsymposium in Thale 2014th, organized by the Winter family of Neinstedt.

This chainsawcarving event took place together with the Walpurgisnacht week, which is the old traditional german festivity of the witches.

This chainsaw carving is called Brynhild. I carved it in two and a half day of work.


Here’s a panorama of the opposite and main side where the most carvers except me were working.



This is a view of my working area. You can see the original wood trunck on which I carved out my sculpture.