This is a portrait of a model. As you can see it is made of clay but I will eventually make a copy of it in polyester. As soon as I finish the polyester version, I will upload the photos.

   I purposely named this sculpture “David” to reference Michelangelo’s “David” and as a replica, it embodies an opinion I have about modern society.

In our society, the image of a man’s body is used to commercially promote all kinds of products. It seems like the quality and value of the product, subject of the advertisement, is determined by the beauty
of the body standing close it and not by the character of that person.

It occurred to me that the “David” is used in similar fashion in our society. It is a famous work of art copied many times and spread all over the globe, but does anyone know the reason why Michelangelo made it or who the subject he represented was?

 In my opinion, the “David” has lost it’s value through our world of commercialism becoming just another everyday object, a garden gnome. There are many works of art that this happens to.

David lato

 With this sculpture I comment on commercialism’s abuse and devaluation of a man’s body by representing and promoting a model as a kind of icon, sex symbol and work of art all at the same time. It seems to me that in modern society, the real values of humanity and art are lost.

  I hope you all enjoy this work. It took me a lot of time to mold and finish it… 🙂


The carving represents the motherhood. Always in hystory artists used to depict this topic and for sure the madonna with in her hands Jesus as child is the most known and spread immage of this argument. The title refers to the moon because the subject’s shape abstraction looks like this satellite.


“The Sun”

The sense of this work of art is related to it’s shape and posture. Mostly the positivism and serenity of people shines through their nice and radiant personality, that is the reason why the sculptures expression is calm and it’s body flects facing to the sun.



This sculpture refers to the Nike of Samotracia. More then simply copying the posture of the Greek goddess I was ment to represent it’s qualities of purity and dinamic through a contemporary art style.




2 responses to “Sculptures

  1. Hi Fabian,
    really very good presentation. You are right with your statement “It seems that humanity and art is lost.”. Many works, are it sculptures or also music…from every area, are copied. Also your sculpture is a reference to Michelangelo’s “David”. 😉
    The life leads the way constantly faster. It must be better, faster and farther. The humans themselves, their characters, are not really important at today´s time. The development makes really sad. Nowadays free and independent action no more stands in the center. My bad english…I hope you know what I want to say.
    I wish you a lot of success with your art. The best greetings,Ariane.

    • Thank’s Ariane for sharing my thoughts, it’s really hard now a days to make innovative art which does not refer to anything past. What ever I am trying to keep an objective watch to reality. Thank’s a lot for your Comment! 🙂

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